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Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey: 2022

30/03/2022 Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey: 2022

Buying property in Turkey has been one of the most demanded and attractive investment areas for foreign investors recently as the Turkish government has provided foreign property buyers with the opportunity of getting Turkish citizenship for only $400.000 for a real estate purchase.

That remarkably has been an encouraging development as it allows investors to get a Turkish passport in return for an affordable amount compared to other European countries. Moreover, Turkish citizenship by investment program comes with incredible advantages for applicants, thanks to the rank of the passport.

On the other hand, exclusive options in property for sale in Turkey have succeeded in attracting several luxury real estate investors since Turkey has been witnessing considerable developments in the real estate market and exclusive properties for both residency and investment.

As Bari Global Investment & Turkish Citizenship Firm, we will be dealing with the advantages of buying property in Turkey in 2022.

How Advantageous Is Buying Property in Turkey?

As mentioned above, Turkey is a full-of-opportunities country in terms of real estate investment, especially government incentives for foreign property buyers. Excellent labor, quality materials, genuine designs, luxurious facilities, and more are offered to the ones who consider buying a house in Turkey as a foreign investor.

Here we listed the most prominent advantages of purchasing a property for sale in Turkey:

Buy Property in Turkey and Get Residency

One of the most important benefits of property purchase in Turkey, beyond doubt, is the Turkish citizenship acquisition allowance for foreigners. Foreign investors from all around the world (except for a few countries and their citizens) can buy property in Turkey and get residency by investing in real estate.

Moreover, the opportunity is not limited to just a residency permit. Every property purchase over $400.000 comes with the Turkish passport obtainment. Thus, the investor can have the same rights as a native Turkish citizen through this gaining. Namely, work permits, residency permits, and many like these are provided to the applicants and their families, yet under the condition of not selling the property for at least three years.

Read our guide page to get detailed information about Real Estate Acquisition Conditions and learn about the exceptional countries for getting a Turkish passport.

Make High-Profit Investment with Turkey Real Estate Options

The idea of a high-profit investment comes as a vital purpose for foreign investors nowadays. Low-cost but exclusive buildings, various residential and commercial real estate options, return on investment (ROI) guaranteed properties, and apartments for sale with high rental demands are the main reasons for Turkey’s transformation into a paradise in the investment market.

Turkey's real estate varieties can also appeal to every budget and demand. Apartments for sale in Istanbul Bosphorus view included, luxury residences with facilities, detached villa options with vast gardens, and many other real estate alternatives are designed genuinely for distinguished foreign property buyers in Turkey.

Get the Chance of Traveling to 111 Countries

Visa-free travel to 111 countries through buying property in Turkey places among the most significant benefits of Turkish citizenship ownership for not only travelers but also investors seeking profitable and advantageous investment areas. Many Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Middle East countries can be visited with a Turkish passport with the options of visa-free, online visa, or visa on arrival. (It depends on the country in question.)

To discover the visa-free countries which can be visited with a Turkish passport, check out our web page titled 111 Countries With a Turkish Passport now.

Enjoy Turkey’s Beauties to the Fullest

Turkey has a lot to offer to its visitors, residents, and investors. Whether you spend time in our country as a tourist or experience a lifetime discovery with Turkish citizenship, you can find everything you desire to see is present in Turkey.

Summer or winter tourism, historical spots reaching out from the past today, secret places known less, a wide range of adventures that will be imprinted on your memories await you in this unique country.

For All, Buy House in Turkey Now!

To witness them all without limit, you can buy house in Turkey worth at least $400.000 and get a Turkish passport by investment. Thereby, you can benefit from the several advantages of property investment in Turkey, such as high return on investment, residence/work permits, a Turkish passport for the entire family, citizenship for a lifetime, and more.

For further information related to the regulations in Turkish citizenship acquisition, its advantages, and conditions valid in 2022, visit Bari Global and take a look at our blog titled Acquiring Turkish Citizenship and Its Advantages now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of buying a property in Turkey?

Buying property in Turkey provides lots of benefits to investors, such as affordable prices, high ROI, and residence/work permits.

2. Is buying property in Turkey a good investment?

Compared to the other European countries, Turkey gives the best opening for Turkish citizenship acquisition, and real estate prices are quite affordable when their facilities are taken into consideration. Namely, Turkey is a great country for property investment.

3. Is now a good time to buy real estate in Turkey?

According to the recent reports published, the current value of the Turkish lira makes the real estate market of Turkey more appealing. That’s why it can be a good time for foreign investors to buy property in Turkey.

4. Will property prices fall in Turkey in 2022?

The value of the Turkish lira has decreased lately. And even though the Turkish government's support for the Turkish lira's value gaining again, it is still behind expectations. Thus, Turkish real estate will be a profitable investment in 2022, too.

Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

Turkey property alternatives come in a wide range of architectural approaches, unique designs, and social facilities. And various apartment, residence, penthouse, villa, and other home options are as close as a phone to you with Bari Global now!